Customizing Sharepoint 2007: Customizing through the browser

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SharePoint 2007 comes with several site templates. You set up a site based upon a template. Depending upon the template you choose, you get a look and feel, along with a set of workflows, custom web parts etc. You can create custom site templates if you wish, to suit your specific needs.

In this article, I will be talking about customization done from the browser, after you have setup a site based on a template that came with SharePoint.  For the purposes of this article, I will assume that you have created a site using the “blank template”.

Now if you go to Site Actions -> Site Settings as shown below –

Under Site Settings, you would see an entire section devoted to Look and Feel as shown below. 

In there, you can customize a number of things about your site, by just point & click, right through the browser.

The Title, Description and Icon will let you change the SiteLogo Graphic, the title and description of the site. The default look is shown as below

The Navigation Options  let you control that navigation bar on the left.  For instance, let us say that you had added two lists “General Announcements” and “Special Announcements”, your default look would probably look like this:  

You can completely disable this navigation and change it to – /p>


Or you can have a treeview like structure as shown below:



There is further customization possible, as you will see shortly.

Site Theme: Allows you to specify a theme – you can write your own themes. Themes can customize the look and feel, but not the layout.


Top Link Bar: Allows you to create your custom links in the bar at the top. By default you have only one link “Home”.

Quick Launch: You have the ability to customize the Quick Launch bar on the left to your heart’s content. You can change the order, add/remove stuff, whatever you want. This can be seen below:

And finally, you can save the entire site, and it’s customizations as a template, or you can reset to the site definition.

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On 10/31/2010 3:01:27 PM Rita Feehan said ..
What is your organization is deploying SharePoint 2007? How do you customize the SharePoint 2007 templates, such as the "classroom management" and "employee training and scheduling materials" templates?

Do you (or anyone that you might know) provide online training for developing sites and solutions in SharePoint 2007?

Are you able to suggest tools that help document (or spec out) a site, workspace or solution prior to development? Working for a federal government agency that is deploying SharePoint 2007 wherein each business unit's processes are not clearly or consistently documented makes it very difficult for IT staff. It would be most helpful to find some tools to help in the site/solution planning process.