Quicklook dev tip for MacOS users

Posted on 5/24/2016 @ 11:31 AM in #Apple by | Feedback | 866 views

If you are a Mac User, you probably find quicklook very useful. Quicklook is when you press spacebar on any file in finder, and it shows you a preview.

As a developer, I find quickview falling short though. A lot of files, that are text files, or I want to view them as text files, are not understood by quicklook.

Example – JSON, README, etc.

So, two utilities to make your life easier.

#1 – This http://www.sagtau.com/quicklookjson.html for JSON quicklook, I especially like this because the JSON is color coded, and collapso-expando.


#2 - QLStephen https://whomwah.github.io/qlstephen/

.. now if you want to quickly examine a package.json file, SPACEBAR and bingo!

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