Xamarin + Microsoft - what that means for us

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Lets be honest! The last 10 days have put everything on it’s head in the mobile dev. world.

Here is why,

  1. Microsoft acquired Xamarin
  2. They already showed some amazing improvements to Xamarin at Build
  3. Xamarin included at no extra charge in Visual Studio – in all editions, including community. This effectively takes one of two biggest downside of Xamarin away. The second downside being a more complex dev story – which with Microsoft’s backing will be smoothed out I am sure.
  4. MSDN subscribers will get Xamarin studio on mac. And there is a free Xamarin studio community edition on Mac. I know Xamarin studio is no Visual studio, but you should compare it with XCode :)
  5. Xamarin core platform will be open source and in .NET foundation.
  6. Mono will be under MIT license – which means you will see it for Arm64 CPUs, like iOS. I am predicting writing C# for iOS.
  7. Xamarin allows you to target multiple platforms, and Xamarin test cloud allows you to test on multiple devices.

What does this mean?

  1. This is the beginning of the end of all other native dev approaches, such as reactnative, fuse, nativescript, etc.
  2. It seriously challenges Java/ObjectiveC/Swift. The only reason to continue with those is – INERTIA.
  3. While this challenges Cordova, Phonegap, ionic, for various reasons I feel that will still be an alternative we will have and will survive.

TL;DR;  - Cordova + Xamarin will rule the future. Exciting, but don’t underestimate the complexity of writing and managing all this.

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