Trondheim Developers Conference–I’ll be there

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I’ll be speaking at the Trondheim Developer’s conference.

I have one breakout session about “Writing cross platform mobile apps with Cordova” at 16:30, followed by a two day workshop on .NET 5 and JavaScript

About the workshop

I have spent the past many years in the innards of JavaScript, particularly cross platform JavaScript. .NET itself is undergoing a massive shift. Microsoft is not the Microsoft it was even a year ago.

.NET 5 is such a massive shift, and ASPNET especially is a not backwards compatible change. With 15 years of weight in their backpack, ASPNET has decided to completely re-architect itself, while remaining strangely familiar.

My workshop over two days (October 27th and 28th) will focus on bringing the .NET 4x developer to .NET5x. And it will then focus on the depths of client side architecture, with particular focus on TypeScript – using TypeScript in real world projects.

As a developer in the Microsoft space, it is critical to get on top of both .NET5, and TypeScript, and that is what my workshop is all about. Here is a longer description (link) and registration (link)

About the talk

My talk on the 26th of October will focus on writing cross platform apps with Cordova. VS2015 has support for Cordova. But Cordova didn’t originate in VS. The VS team has done wonders in building a reasonable good cordova support, but when architecting a cordova application, you have to think of bigger than VS. You have to think of cross platform, multi OS transportability of your code. This talk will be a hands on demonstration of building a fun Cordova app. As a JavaScript developer, you can truly attack any platform.

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