Git vs SVN

Posted on 7/27/2015 @ 4:58 AM in #Vanilla .NET by | Feedback | 1781 views

Some thoughts about GIT vs SVN,

  1. Git is decentralized, the biggest advantage being, you the developer has a full source control repo offline. So if you want to go 5 hours back before you screwed everything up, you can.
  2. Which also means, you can work offline, and have source control. GIT works far better than SVN if you are not connected.
  3. Git is therefore better suited to larger scale projects, such as open source, or when people want to fork your code and create a new incarnation of it.
  4. Git is much more complicated than SVN, and you need to learn command line stuff. The commands are also weird, git checkout switches branches, and git clone actually checks out (but distributed).
  5. All the cool kids are doing Git lately (but these cool kids will jump to the next shiny thing in 3..2..1..)

.. and that’s about it. I’m holding my thoughts back on which is better. But would love to hear from you if you have any opinions on either, and if I missed any major difference between Git and SVN

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