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I tried leaving a comment here, http://9to5mac.com/2015/06/08/side-by-side-ipad-apps-gallery/, but unfortunately they want permission to post to my twitter timeline, update my profile, and read all my personal information – if I want to be a part of that “discussion”.

Speaking of discussion, I couldn’t help notice but one of the comments was,

“Hmmmmmmm…been using that on the Surface Pro’s 1-3 for two years now – with real support for full applications. Like swimming in the olympic pool. Great having Word in one half and Excel in the other – really ought to give it a try folks. On my SPro 3, it costs me 0.7 lbs, and delivers tons more functionality. Welcome to the kiddy pool iPad…”

Naturally, on a mac friendly website, the reactions to that comment were mostly negative. Nobody replied with any core arguments. Everyone replied with snooty remarks, or retorts, hating windows because its windows. Fanboyism has never served a community well. If you don’t believe in something based on facts and arguments, its not going to stand the test of time.

Anyway, I am looking forward to a real argument on facts here. I am seriously wondering “What value does iPad offer over Surface 3”.

Arguments in favor of iPad,

  1. Better battery life – yes this is a big deal. Lets give this one to iPad.
  2. Slimmer – not such a big deal to me at least, the Surface 3 is “slim enough”, both are portable enough. I am inclined to call this a draw, but very light of reason, Lets give this one to iPad.
  3. iPad has a much higher resolution, which 1080p is nothing to sneeze at. But okay retina does look very pleasing to the eye, especially when reading text. Lets give this one to iPad.

Arguments in favor of Surface 3,

  1. Surface 3 runs full windows. You can’t do much about the feeling of “I hate windows because its windows”, but seriously guys, Windows 10 isn’t bad! Windows 8 without the start button or full screen metro apps was a stupid mistake. But Windows 10, universal apps, windowed apps, full OS, project constellation – I’m not seeing a lot of negatives. Tell me what I’m not seeing here? Plus OSX isn’t perfect.
  2. Surface 3 has a very decent pen. The Pen actually works very well. You don’t know what you’re missing until you try it.
  3. Surface 3 is a real computer, runs every single windows application. iPad runs apps, from the app store. The choice of apps on both is pretty good.
  4. But Surface 3 does real multi-tasking, iPad Air 2 feels a bit like what Windows metro apps were. You can’t hate Windows 8 and love iPad for doing the same thing with a straight face.
  5. iPad is far more locked down. And while I like the argument that this walled garden is for more security and better UX, it is difficult to buy the security argument when you can crash the whole thing with a text message. And it is difficult to buy the better UX option when doing basic stuff requires you to go in and out of apps with unnecessary animations that get pretty old, pretty quick. Why is it that real work is still being done using mouse and keyboard?
  6. I really really dislike how Apple uses it’s goliath status to kill out the little guy. Delaying Pebble’s app, not selling BOSE headphones because they acquired beats. This sort of dominance because of size is not good for anyone, except apple. It isn’t even good for Apple’s consumers.
  7. Surface 3 costs lesser, much lesser! Both to buy, and to run. Think apps, accessories, fraying lighting cables.
  8. Surface 3 has USB, and charges over Micro USB
  9. Surface 3 has storage expandability via SD cards. Apple wants to charge $100 for an extra 64G storage. 64G storage doesn’t cost $100, the markup is quite high.

Tell me what I’m missing here, but Surface 3 looks like a much better value for money than iPad. Fanboyism aside, tell me if I not seeing anything I should?

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