Native iOS Apps using Swift for Office365

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I did this session for MVP vConf. The video is now available for viewing on Channel 9.

Abstract -

That thing in your pocket is a 64 bit super computer that can talk, sing, help you communicate, close your garage door, spy on your dog, or you for that matter, provide location based information, take pictures, video, and so much more. No wonder teenagers around the world are hitting app lotteries. And if you thought iOS with a billion devices on the market was a big deal, the other big deal is Office 365. With numbers equally, if not more impressive, and with inroads into every enterprise that matters, what happens when these two waves collide? Bigger than fusion. You can ride this wave, but you need the right skills. The skills to write native iOS apps using Swift for Office 365. This session will cover what you need from scratch to finish, including Azure AD, basics of Office 365, and end with writing a fully functional app. Expect to see some code.

Video on Channel 9

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