Reawarded MVP for 2015

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The good thing about having the same renewal date as April fools is, you tend not to take being awarded or not awarded too seriously for about 24 hours. Then reality sets in. LOL

Anyway, I am one of those lucky few individuals who got rewarded MVP For 2015. And I am super duper thankful to Microsoft for that. I have been an MVP for many years now. A lot of things have changed. Microsoft has changed, the MVP program has undergone some changes, and certainly I have become more mature and intelligent (just kidding!).

One thing that has not changed is, Microsoft acceptance of the community, both for and against them. You know I call out poo when I see poo, but Microsoft is the ONLY company I know that has it’s employees tweeting you with live help within minutes anytime you are stuck. I am so lucky to have lived a career and life in this ecosystem, this never gets old.

But Microsoft is also changing. They are embracing all sorts of technology lately. I am also not a 100% Microsoftie tech guy anymore. Even though my award category is SharePoint server, a lot of my work spans ASPNET, JavaScript, iOS, SharePoint and Office 365. And undoubtedly this spectrum will grow both for me and for Microsoft.

I am super happy and thankful to have received this reward. Thanks to the product team and MVPGA and my MVP lead. And I assure you, I will remain a techie till the day I die. I love doing what I do. And I hope for many many years of further interaction with my fellow techies.

Thanks Microsoft for everything. In spite of my complaints, at the end of the day, you are awesome.

Oh and that Surface 3 rocks btw, please continue to pull out such rabbits out of your hat.

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