Office 365 iOS Apps Using Swift

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My new article is online. In this article, I demonstrate how to write Native iOS apps using Swift targeting Office365 APIs.
As you know, Microsoft has released SDKs for ObjectiveC, but making them work in Swift is quite easy. Swift is this new language created by Apple – its like C#, but works for iOS apps. If you hate ObjectiveC, you might like Swift.
Writing Native iOS apps for Office 365 requires the same Azure AD fundamentals that say a Windows 8 app needs, or a web app needs etc.  You can check out my article on Azure AD here. Azure AD has huge implications even if you never intend to target O365. So I would suggest brushing up on that anyway.

But if you are already up to speed on Azure AD, you can read more about Swift here, and you can check out my article here.

Hope you like it :-)

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