10 reasons why Apple Car will suck

Posted on 10/9/2015 @ 2:55 PM in #Non Techie by | Feedback | 2272 views

  1. It'll be a white box, with Jony Ive as your navigation voice.
  2. The charger will use a proprietary cable, which will cost only $3000
  3. It will have no options, because you are too dumb to have options
  4. You'll crash it, because you're driving it wrong!
  5. It'll need Apple electricity to charge, which will be $1 per kwh.
  6. Your apple car will automatically drive under the speed limit once car v2 comes out.
  7. You'll need an iPhone and iWatch to drive the damn thing.
  8. It won't be secure or very good, but all the left wing leather panty hippie fanboys will keep you company
  9. You'll have to start it with iTunes.
  10. It'll have windows.

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