Pro Office 365 Development: Review

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I just finished reviewing a pretty interesting upcoming book from Apress, titled “Pro Office 365 Development” by Mark Collins and Michael Mayberry.

Office 365 is honestly what Microsoft is focused on 100%. And in order to take full advantage of it, you need to be an ops guy, a dev guy, and frankly a no code guy, all rolled into one.

It is quite a mind twist, and challenge for us to think Office 365, so we can make best use of it. This is especially true for hardcore developers.

What I like the most about this book is that it covers no-code, and dev portions of Office 365 very very well. Don’t worry, they don’t regurgitate about how cool the app model is, etc. etc. blah! I heard that 2 years ago, and frankly I’m very tired of seeing the same slides in everyone’s presentations. I need some new stuff. Tell me about DiscoveryContext. Tell me about the new (still preview) office 365 dev tools, tell me about the common consent framework, tell me about writing an app targeting Lync and Exchange.

Well, this book, is the ONLY book I know that dares to handle all these topics. I loved reviewing it, I hope you will enjoy reading it a well.

Presenting, “Pro Office 365 Development

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