Useful SharePoint querystring tricks

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Here are some interesting query string tricks you should memorize regarding SharePoint. These will speed up your work, or pull you out of weird places.

  1. Go to {PageUrl}?contents=1 to access the webpart maintenance page. Great to remove a web part when a bad webpart causes the whole page to go tits up.
  2. _layouts/15/UsageDetails.aspx or /_layouts/spusageweb.aspx for some basic analytics information
  3. Add ?toolpaneview=2 query string to show an alternate web part catalog (2007 style)
  4. Add ?IsDlg=1 to hide the chrome
  5. On a mobile device, add ?mobile=0 to render desktop view on a mobile device, or use ?mobile=1 to render mobile view on desktop.
  6. To easily filter a list, use this URL = AllItems.aspx?FilterField1=fieldName&FilterValue1=value
  7. On any site, visit /_layouts/sitemanager.aspx to view content and structure. Also works in Office365
  8. See the user information list, /_catalogs/users/simple.aspx
  9. See the taxonomy hidden list, Lists/TaxonomyHiddenList/AllItems.aspx
  10. Create a new list, a convenient shortcut to CSOM/REST, POST to /_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?Cmd=NewList&ListTemplate=100&Title=TestList&LangID=1033
  11. An easy create new link - _layouts/15/new.aspx?ListTemplate=100
  12. Get CAML for a list, /_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?Cmd=Display&List=TestList&LangID=1033
  13. Sign out as another user, /_layouts/15/closeConnection.aspx?loginasanotheruser=true
  14. Save a site as a template /_layouts/savetmpl.aspx
  15. .. and the 4 usual app related URLs

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