Cloud storage vs. Offline storage

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I consider myself fairly tech savvy. But, I make very little use of cloud storage. In fact, my only use of cloud storage is when I need to share a large file with someone far away. I wondered if I was missing out. 1 TB external HDDs are as cheap as $50 now. Cloud storage on the other hand, is far more expensive. The cheapest option, skydrive/onedrive is 10’s of times more expensive. And OneDrive is cheap – but extremely unreliable. DropBox is reliable, but very expensive.

Maybe I was missing the boat n this?

So, earlier today, I tweeted,

And, I got some really good replies! Mostly confirming my stance on this, but some arguments in FAVOR of cloud storage.

So here is my summary of thoughts on cloud vs offline,

  1. Offline storage is far cheaper than cloud storage
  2. Offline storage, with an encrypted disk (built into both windows and Mac) is also far more secure than cloud storage.
  3. Offline storage, more accessible than cloud – especially for large files or poor internet connections (hotels/airplanes).

On the other hand,

  1. Cloud storage is better when it comes to sharing files remotely – though I think this is a solvable problem.
  2. Cloud storage supposedly removes headaches of backups, though if you use onedrive, you can’t rely on the damn thing, so I ended up backing things up anyway. Frankly onedrive should be called assdrive, so I can back that ass up.
  3. Cloud storage adds additional value, by giving versions, or excel web access etc.

But, cloud storage is more expensive, less secure, and less accessible.

My conclusion, I’m sticking with USB external HDDs for my data needs, and will use cloud for file sharing needs. And I probably won’t use cloud for secure data unless I end to end encrypt it myself.

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