Pivotal change in strategy at Microsoft

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Drop whatever you are doing, and watch this video.

Here is what Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella said,

.. If there is anything that would define windows, I think of the cloud as being in a heterogeneous device world. It will not be limited to Windows. I think that is perhaps the biggest pivotal change in our strategy. We absolutely think of building services and infrastructure in the cloud that will be across Android, iOS and Windows, and we will differentiate windows family with user experience that is consistent across all these devices ..

Late last year, I wrote this blogpost about the future of the Microsoft IT Pro and Developer. So far, it’s been bang on accurate.

For those who ridicule me for using a Mac or being on the Mac platform, here is your answer.

If you wish to be relevant in tomorrow’s world, broaden your skills beyond Microsoft. Even Microsoft wants you to do so. This does not mean not learn Microsoft, but its not the only thing you need to know.

Reading the tea leaves, here is what I see,

  1. Microsoft is adamantly open sourcing a lot of it’s dev operations.
  2. The “Testers” have all been laid off.

What does this tell me? Its about cost reduction! Smart cost reduction. When Microsoft can rely on the community to do better testing than it’s FTEs, and better innovation than it’s FTEs, why pay for what you can get for free?

Secondly, for those who rail and wail that windows is still where most of the work gets done. Hear this – I AGREE. But we are not talking about TODAY! Decisions today affect the future.

Nadella is talking about Mobile First, and Cloud First – and Microsoft is the underdog there. Fast forward a few years, more work will be done on Mobile and Cloud than it is today. It will be a gradual change, but the change will happen and it will happen for sure. For Microsoft to conquer the hearts, and minds and dollars of the future mobile and cloud enterprise and consumer – I commend Nadella for doing what is required.

After all, even Steve Jobs finally realized that for iPod to be successful, he will have to release iTunes for Windows.

Long story short, as much as I love Visual Studio and .NET, and despise XCode and ObjectiveC, I am firmly rooted and committed to learning both and developing on both. I wish I had time to learn Android too. But of all 3, I found least personal benefit in learning Android. The marketplace is a mess, and the return on my investment is rapidly undermined by lack of IP Protection. I’ll leave that battle for someone else to fight. And I am not giving up learning Microsoft either. This Azure thing is here to stay.

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