Mobile Devices and SharePoint

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There is a computer in your pocket, and mine. Though lets be honest, beyond email, Organizations though are still struggling to make use of these smart devices that they are already paying for. The reason is simple, Imagine a computer, with an inferior processor, poor connectivity, smaller screen, and easily lost and used for personal purposes. Add to it, multiple platforms, and an incredibly fast release cadence. In this fast paced session, Sahil will demonstrate mobile apps targeting the SharePoint and Office 365 platforms demonstrating what you, the Microsoft developer needs to learn and be on top of going forward. And yes, you need to broaden your horizons past C# too. But don’t worry, even if you have never worked with iOS before, there is plenty to chew on in this session.

When: 10/16/2014 at 09:00-10:00AM, Dev Hall
Where: Zagreb, Croatia
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