MASTER CLASS #2 - Security

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I will be conducting the following all day session, as I understand we have > 70 people registered already, so seats are either full or almost full.
If interested in registering, please send me an email

When: Monday, March 24th 2014. From 09:00 to 16:00
Where: Programutvikling’s conference center in IT Fornebu:


Address / GPS


IT Fornebu
Martin Linges Vei 25
1364 Fornebu


Indoor car parking is available (paid). Turn left just after passing the main entrance to IT Fornebu (by the main entrance to the Scandic hotel), then drive straight ahead and into the car parking.

From Oslo Gardemoen Airport

(Also regular train and Bus options)

Taxi is not recommended due to traffic and distance. Take the airport express train to Lysaker station. From there, you can take either of the following buses:

24, 28, 31, 31E, 733, 739 and TimeExpressen

The Bus-stop is named IT Fornebu



Our first master class will kick off with a jam-packed program. We may have to sacrifice a coffee break or two, depending on how it goes.
The following are the topics in this master class:


Perspective helps, why do we need security and how long has mankind been actually thinking of security. Turns out, the new technologies we are learning today, are really not that new.

Rewind into Computing Security

Initial implementations of distributed computing, how it has matured over the years, and how has security grown with it, both in challenges and implementation.

Protocol wars, REST, JSON and what you need to know.

REST API by far is the most common protocol, but it wasn’t a straightforward journey to this point. And what challenges does REST raise?

SSL everything

What is SSL, and what does it mean for you? What happens when you login to an SSL protected site? Is it really safe and secure? Not all certificates are equal, and what is a certificate anyway?

Authentication within your walls

Security within your organization, VPN, Active Directory, Kerberos, etc. Everybody uses it, yet it is so limiting. Why do the new devices not support the old way of doing things?

Authentication outside your walls

Azure, Azure AD, Federation, Google IDs, and your partner organizations, plus that influential consultant who loves his MacBook. An IT administrator’s nightmare and opportunity.

Claims and Federation 101, your mom is on Facebook too.

The makeup of a modern identity. Does your mom understand the bearer request in an OAuth token? Can she read SSL certs? We really wish she did. But while she doesn’t, what can be done?

Devices and Services – it’s not just Microsoft anymore

Security is the opposite of convenience. A new world beckons us, where you are already in the cloud, you just don’t know it yet. Learning how to manage devices, mobile devices, and keeping your secure information secure! The role of IT pros. Secure code by design. Is JavaScript secure? Think again.

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