Download Multiple Files from Yammer - easily

Posted on 3/11/2014 @ 1:40 PM in #SharePoint by | Feedback | 3457 views

Yeah I know, no explorer view. DAMN!

I’m pretty sure Yammer will get around to adding this functionality, but until then .. imagine .. that there was some big conference recently. And as it happens, material for that gets shared in a private yammer group. Unfortunately, downloading the material one by one is not easy.

What is a poor time starved SharePoint developer to do?

1. Open Chrome. Enable popups for
2. Go to the uploaded files link in your yammer network like ..
3. Scroll down, click more, keep clicking more :-) until no more files are there.
4. Open developer tools
5. Run this JavaScript.

jQuery.each(jQuery('[href^=""]'), function (index, elem) {'yournetworkname', '/api/v1') + '/download');

6. Go for lunch .. come back .. all files are downloaded. YAY!
7. Buy me a drink!

(PS: I’m sure Yammer will eventually redesign their page and UI to make the above script break, but until then this works!)

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