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Oh wow! What a relief. I have blogged and talked about what I hated about the Mac most, the Finder app. To be clear, I am still in love with my mac :). But, finder really soured my experience, and given how core it is to any OS –that is how I access my files, it has been very frustrating.

Well, I found a solution, and it’s free. It’s called Xtrafinder, you can grab it from here -

Here is what I like about Xtrafinder,

  1. It’s free :-), but honestly I’d be willing to pay for something this good.
  2. It fixes up the UI, gives me tabs like google chrome in finder – why doesn’t windows explorer do that?
  3. Also gives me keyboard shortcuts to deal with the tabs – very nice!
  4. Gives me “Copy Path”
  5. Gives me right click – add new file, just like Windows Explorer.
  6. Gives me a dual pane view, great for comparing directories or copying bit by bit.
  7. Allows me to F2 to rename and enter to open – I still life in a half windows world, so its quite jarring to go between one to the other sometimes.
  8. Cut & paste – can you imagine the mac finder doesn’t have Cut?
  9. Arranges folders on top, even when you sort alphabetically.
  10. Adjusts the column widths nicely – always a struggle on the OOTB finder.
  11. Allows me to make the Finder window topmost – this is seriously useful.
  12. Most of all, it improves the OOTB finder rather than replaces it.
  13. Lots of other stuff.

I love it!

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