Installing the ActiveDirectory PowerShell Module

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Frequently as a SharePointee, I have to fight with AD. Its a lot easier to do so when you can RDP to the domain controller and have domain admin rights – which is like never! Mostly you have an IT Ogre with a double digit IQ and a six digit salary guarding the AD like flies on honey. So what is a poor sharepointee with no access to do?

Answer: Use PowerShell specifically the ActiveDirectory PowerShell Module.

Here is how,

   1:  PS C:\Users\sahilmalik> Import-Module ServerManager
   2:  PS C:\Users\sahilmalik> Add-WindowsFeature RSAT-AD-PowerShell
   4:  Success Restart Needed Exit Code      Feature Result
   5:  ------- -------------- ---------      --------------
   6:  True    No             Success        {Remote Server Administration Tools, Activ...
   9:  PS C:\Users\sahilmalik> Import-Module ActiveDirectory
  10:  PS C:\Users\sahilmalik> ## you can start having loads of fun here


Thank you come again!

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