CSOM REST in SP2013 – Webinar now available for viewing

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Thank you to the apprx 350 people who attended my webinar on CSOM and REST.

The recording is now available for your offline viewing pleasure.


Summary of Webinar:  Want to learn Apps? The path to Apps goes through REST and CSOM, so whether you are writing WSPs or Apps, this is a topic you can't afford to ignore. The SharePoint CSOM and REST API is a set of APIs that allow remote access to SharePoint. It allows you to access SharePoint functionality, outside of SharePoint. This webinar will walk you through a practical hands-on approach to REST and CSOM in SharePoint 2013.

Key benefits of watching this webinar

1. Writing better code for SharePoint

2. Writing Apps

3.Writing WSPs

Aimed at: Developers

Level: Intermediate


View here

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