Arctic SharePoint Challenge 2014

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The rumors are true, Dexter is back! And wants you to compete at the Arctic SharePoint challenge.

This is the most unique and different kind of event that I know of. Many teams get together at a beautiful location and build amazing SharePoint solutions over a period of a few days. I have seen CRM systems, Expense systems, Kinect based systems, face recognition systems all be built on SharePoint and Office 365 in a matter of a couple of days.

I have been thrilled and honored to have been able to be a judge at this event over the past few years. Last year, I even got involved with the MAFIA (see below video, WARNING: not fit for kids .. includes mild violence).

Well I am thrilled to say, this year, Dexter is BACK!

And so am I!! Will you be there at the Arctic SharePoint Challenge?


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