Some thoughts on MDM in Office 365

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I can’t say I am anything but thrilled, excited, and tickled to Microsoft’s attention and action on cross platform app & device management and and SDKs by Microsoft announced at Tech Ed Europe.
Save you some time, go to this video, and watch it 1hour 40 minutes onwards -

When you are done watching, come back here!

Seriously! Wow!? Isn’t it?

Enterprise class MDM, included in Office 365! On top of that, standard mechanism to normalize everyone to Azure AD.

Over the past few years, enterprise apps have been very challenging.
Too many IT administrators are trying or let me correct myself STRUGGLING to find the right way to manage mobile apps.
Some have settled on stop gap products (names not mentioned here), and many are trying to solve connectivity challenges etc.

My advice for the past few years, and today and in the future is – Seriously people, upgrade to Office 365, buy into Azure AD, and get on with the program. Wake up and smell the coffee. You will find Office 365 VERY tempting soon as your EA expires, might as well start your homework today.

By getting on the consistent bandwagon of Office 365 and Azure AD, not only do you make my job easier, you also,

  1. Save boatloads of money,
  2. Are in good hands when it comes to security
  3. Are opening yourself up to standards based authentication and device management
  4. Simplifying your life.

In the meanwhile, while you are not on Office 365, the best advice I can give you is,


Standards Standards Standards. If your vendor doesn’t have a clear upgrade path to standards based security, and is not following standard security protocols such as OAuth2.0, you are pigeon-holing yourself in for lots and lots of future pain.

Ask your vendor, how will their app work with Office 365 in the future. If they can’t give you a less than 100 word clear cut answer, cut and run like hell.

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