What sucks about using a Mac

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A while ago, I posted a video about running SharePoint 2013 on a Mac.
Since then I have been documenting my switch from PC to Mac. I also blogged about my last road-trip with Mac as my main and only computer.

A lot of people I know personally have been following these posts and have switched to Mac.

Overall, I am quite pleased with the switch myself. When I RDP into a windows machine, and have to go through the jarring metro UI to launch notepad, it reminds me every time what I don’t have to deal with on a daily basis.
I just love it how wifi connects instantly, when on Windows I plug in a cable and count to 10. I could go on.

That said, there are some things that suck about using a Mac too. Its not perfect. Here is what I feel frustrated with everyday, using a Mac,

  • Finder sucks. Not that Windows Explorer doesn’t have room for improvement, but Finder is worse. There are some replacements, but I don’t want to spend $40 on what should be a part of the OS. On the flip side, tabbed view in finder is awesome. Why doesn’t Windows Explorer do that? (Update: See Mac Finder Replacement)
  • Window management and multiple screens on a mac are inferior to windows. This is “basic crap an OS should get right”. Mac is a neophyte when it comes to multiscreen support. As far as window management, the bettersnap tool is a godsend. But damn I didn’t want to pay for that, now did I!
  • Everything costs more. This doesn’t need an explanation, and it isn’t a myth.
  • Office for Mac blows. I mean, it just absolutely sucks. PowerPoint screws up your slides, word makes text look weird fuzzy, outlook well that sucks on Windows too ;-). My workaround is to boot a Win81 VM on my mac, which is quite quick.
  • Lync for Mac also blows. Check this out, I click on battery, and it tells me, the following apps are using significant energy – Chrome, VMWare Fusion, and Lync. Really? LYNC? Its an IM program. And on top of that it’s unstable and featureless as crap on Mac. It doesn’t even integrate with the notification center. No good workaround to this.
  • No live writer or equivalent for Mac. I get it, these are not mac issues, but I use these programs daily (or often). Again, my workaround for this is to boot a Win8x VM.
  • Keyboard remapping will drive you nuts. The keys between mac and windows are different, lots of muscle memory to retrain. But, I remapped keys to suit myself, and in some cases I remapped myself to suit mac. So after some pain, this is no longer an issue.

See! Nothing is perfect! But overall, I find myself being more productive with Mac. Also not having to carry a ridiculous amount of hardware through flights, being able to use the laptop in economy seats, and not get questioned at every damn security checkpoint about “Why do you need such a crazy laptop and all these batteries” to a security guard who has never heard of SharePoint, is a big plus.

Overall, I’m very happy with the transition, but, its not a perfect world on either side. Less pain here though. :-)

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