Running SP2013 on a Mac?

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If you are running SP2013 on a Mac, or let me say, any RAM deprived system (I guess I shoud have said macbook pro – 16G total RAM .. boohoo!!), you should read this :-)

First of all, SP2013 runs like butter on VMWare Fusion professional. It is by far, the smoothest nicest dev machine I’ve ever had. But, it is running under 12 gigs, which is indeed quite deprived of memory. And as fast as PCIeX SSD is, there are things that RAM cannot be substituted for. For instance, WCF services, all of them, will stop working if your system memory drops below 5%. Bam!

Fear not, here are 3 tips to conserve memory on your SP2013 VMs. These tips are applicable to ANY SP Dev VM (and some cases even prod), but especially useful in less RAM scenarios,

The first tip is, go through my book SP2013 Dev Machine, it’ll walk you through how to create a single machine dev VM. There is absolutely no reason or point in having multi machine dev VMs. I don’t know why people do it, don’t do a multi machine dev VM :-)

  1. Turn off or at least reconfigure distributed cache. You can read this article on how to manage distributed cache on any farm.
  2. Reconfigure SQL Server, set it’s min RAM to 900MB and max RAM to 4500MB (you can do this by opening SQL Server management studio, right click\properties\memory). For production, there are lots of additional optimizations you can do (see article here).
  3. Finally, turn search off – unless you need it. Noderunner.exe’s take up a lot of memory, and search crawler and databases are very VERY IO intensive. If you’re not using search on a dev VM, turn it off. In fact, turn off and delete all managed services you are NOT using.

By using these 3 simple improvements, I’ve seen a HUGE improvement in my SP Experience, which on Mac is pretty damned good to begin with. You can see a comparison of Mac vs PC running SP2013 in a video here.

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