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Information overload ugh! Anyway, looks like every day I wake up, everywhere I look, there is a new videocast or podcasts somebody’s starting. While its good to have all that info, I think its time I got picky about what I listen to. Sometimes I like reading better because its quicker than listening to a speaker blab about how awesome they are. Get to the point seriously.

So here is my podcasting life kept sane. I use an app called downcast to listen to podcasts. Downcast is available on iPad, iPhone, and MacOS. Here is what I like about it,

  • Downloads automatically, informs me when download is done.
  • Lets me download only on wifi, but synch everything else on 3G
  • Allows me to set locations (upto 10), where when I leave or arrive at a location (say home or office), it will download.
  • Allows me to download a single file, or move a file from one program to another.
  • Lets me view in upto 3x speed
  • Lets me treat a video cast as an audio cast – great for when I’m driving and really don’t need to see the speakers.

That said, here are my fav. podcasts (and I’m picky since unlike the rest of you, I have only 24 hours in a day).

  • .NET Rocks ( the grand-daddy of all podcasts, been around since tablets used to be stone tablets. What I am constantly amazed about is Richard and Carl’s interviewing skills. Yes it is the guest speakers that are knowledgeable, but the interviewers cannot be dumbasses either. Carl and Richard ask very inciteful questions. What I don’t like about it, too many ads, too much fluff, in a one hour podcast, you really have only 30 mins of real content. Thankfully downcast lets me forward portions with a gesture, so I can live with it, for the good content they do offer.
  • Visual Studio Toolbox (, I have a learnt a TONNE from this podcast.Once a week, always good and quality content. Though I don’t like Microsoft educating us directly, because they will never badmouth their children – which is exactly what we need to know. I wish there were more third party videocasts and podcasts, but until Microsoft gives content for free, it really kills the third party voice. Sucks but true.
  • Windows Azure Cloud Cover ( This is just like Visual Studio Toolbox, but focused on Azure. Same comments apply – re: coming from Microsoft. But, with the insane pace of change going on in Azure, this is the only practical way I know to keep on top of it.
  • Windows Azure Friday ( Scott Hanselman started this. Other podcasters, learn from Scott – he gets straight to the point. One video a week, apprx 10 mins long, and all 10 mins is useful. Seriously watch his style, its literally “Hi this is azure friday ..” and then on .. its all content I care for. Damn!


What podcasts do you really like? I’d love to know!

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