TDC Oct 28th 2013, I’ll be there.

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I’ll be at TDC (Trondheim Developer Conference)  on the 28th of October.

Check out their awesome website, and impressive speaker lineup.

I will be presenting the following two sessions,

UnSharePointing SharePoint

SharePoint is big and clunky, hard to TDD, CI, or use all the cool stuff that ScottGu and Hanselman show. Right? Incorrect! The new apps model requires you to not be a SharePoint’er, to be a SharePoint’er. This quick session will demonstrate how regular .NET skills, best practices, and development techniques can be used in the new SharePoint app model, all this, without knowing much about SharePoint.

JavaScript Debugging

   1:  // Only those who laugh at the below should attend.
   2:  (function IHATEJAVASCRIPT(a,b) {for (var i=0,k,f=1;k=b[i];i++) {f^=!!~a.indexOf(k)};return !f;})(window.location.href,["<a/>","<b>","<td>","<span>"])?alert("ATTEND THIS SESSION"):alert("FOR SOME AWESOME DEBUGGING TRICKS")(); 
   3:  // Debugging JavaScript can be a pain, this session is a quick rundown of some awesome tricks.

.. the funny thing is, line #2 has a bug in it. See if you can find it.

I hope to see you there :)

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