SP Adriatics, Nov 27-28 I’ll be there.

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I’ll be there at SharePoint Adriatics in Zagreb, Croatia, on November 27,28th 2013.

Here are my sessions,

11/27 – 11:00AM (Dev Hall/SPCA212)  Hard learned SharePoint development tips

SharePoint development is a pain. You need a big VM, lots of RAM, can’t use any of the new fun stuff they show you at TechED. The API can be cumbersome, documentation can be as trustworthy as your average Russian banker.

How is a SharePoint developer to be productive and write reliable code in such a hostile environment? This hard learned session is both funny and sad at the same time where Sahil describes some of his painfully learnt development lessons.

11/28 – 03:45PM (Dev Hall/SPC215) Hard learned CSOM and REST tips

CSOM and REST should probably be #1 on your list of things to learn. You’ve probably seen those tutorials, copy pasted code, the basic hello world apps. Well life is a lot different when writing a relatively complex app. How do you do error handling, concurrency checks, thread synchronization, memory tracking and optimization, and browser independence while taking advantage of newer browsers. Let’s not forget the pain writing and debugging your JavaScript can be, unless of course you structure it right. But how is a developer to match all those parenthesis and semicolons, or check for variable types where your best dev. environment is F12? This session is a hands-on dive into such fun topics.

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