OneNote: How to delete a notebook

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I’m filing this under the absurdity of stupid design. Or perhaps, we didn’t really use it ourselves before releasing it.

I’m talking about OneNote the metro app. Beautiful app, beautiful concept, until of course, you feel like deleting the default notebook it creates for you.
Why would anyone want to delete that of course! Hell everyone would want to! It’s the first damned thing you’d do.

How do you delete a section? There is a button at the bottom.
How do you delete a page? Well just like section, there is a button at the bottom.

So you wish to delete a notebook? There is no button at the bottom. That’d be no fun of course!

Here is how,

  1. To delete a one note notebook, you don’t actually use the one note app. You go to – Obvious? Not really!
  2. Well, there you don’t see the notebooks either! You go to Recent docs – Obvious!? Not really!
  3. There you select the notebooks you’d like to delete, and well hit delete. Just kidding! You choose “Manage” and then “Remove”. – Okay not obvious, but worth a B minus.
  4. So I did .. manage .. remove .. does it show me a spinner while its working? Nope.
  5. Go back into one note, and it adds “Sahil’s Notebook” again. Didn’t I just delete it? Phew!

So I ask, why didn’t they just put a “Delete workbook” button, like they have “Delete section” and “Delete page” ?? Or maybe they did .. but probably in a very not obvious place! Did I miss it? Anyone? Anyway, whatever! I’ll go RDP into a Windows Server 2012 without a start button in windowed mode to calm my frazzled nerves down.

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