SkyDrive: An office file needs your attention

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Really? I thought I was the attention hog here.

I found it seriously annoying how awful Office2013 + SkyDrive integration was. Anytime I’d edit a file in Word or Excel, I’d get a popup in my system tray saying “An office file needs your attention”.

I’d click on that balloon, and it basically said “open it in office” – I’d open it in office, no fix, no dice, no help. WTF!

Not only that, randomly some file that I hadn’t even touched in months, would just fail to sync and I’d get this notification. It wasn’t just distracting, it’s a big confidence reducer, especially when the documents are real bits of work and information that I’d rather not loose.

Anyway, here is the fix. Do the exact opposite of what this article suggests -

  1. Right-click the SkyDrive icon (The SkyDrive icon) in the notification area, at the far right of the taskbar. (You might need to click Show hidden icons first to see the icon.) Then click Settings.

  2. On the Settings tab, under General, UNSELECT Use Office to sync files faster and work on files with other people at the same time, and then click OK.

Cool, now back to work!

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On 4/12/2013 1:12:57 AM Pik said ..
Sahil, that would work, but you loose the ability to work together on office documents.