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Okay, this had been on my “todo” for a good 2 years. A lot of my friends are moving to wordpress etc. (funny SharePoint isn’t such a good blogging platform after all huh – told you so 3 years ago). I do think though SP2013 is a pretty good WCM platform, not so much of a blogging platform though.

Anyway, WordPress is kickass. No doubt. But I wanted to do the tech bits myself, it’s also how we learn right? So, I’ve redone my site. Started at 11PM last night, it’s 4PM now, had a 4 hour nap in the middle. Not bad for 13 hours of work huh?

Here are the highlights,

  • Responsive UI, will work on PCs, Tablets, and Phones.
  • Cleaner design, a bit more up to date.
  • Better commenting at

Yes I know there are still some rough edges, like

  1. The contact form could be better.
  2. Search looks ugly
  3. Few others that I have on my to do (shuprize).
  4. Eventually I want to rewrite the whole thing .. time of course is a barrier. But I’ll get to it.

But, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. How does it look? Any suggestions for improvement?
Any broken links or bugs you may find? Use that fancy new commenting system, that’s what it’s for.

Sound off but keep it civil:

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