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I’ll give you the abbreviated version of the future of InfoPath 2013 post by my friend AC.

InfoPath was never a good product, the team never bothered to consider practical issues such as deployment, maintenance of the forms, and basic feature set that actually worked. There was never a good dev. story, documentation, or a decent object model – and never any improvements on it either. Plus there are so many better ways to create forms that actually work. Forget the future, I wouldn’t use it even in current products, and I have been suggesting you avoid it for many years now.


For the more politically correct, less controversial viewpoint, read AC’s post, which does make a few good points.

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On 4/11/2013 6:51:54 PM Harish Mathanan said ..
No controversies here, just facts.

On 4/12/2013 10:30:15 AM Horving said ..
For those who are being in the IT field for a "while", should now better, there is no "one size fits all and final in technology", and thats the beauty of it. InfoPath, will be evolving as well. Stay tuned.

On 4/12/2013 12:33:30 PM Dennis said ..
InfoPath was a good product in 2007. We had a Visual Studio template that would allow us to leverage the full version of Visual Studio rather than the VSTO 2005 which is what we are still stuck on (in 2010). I posted to the MSDN and haven't really got a good answer from Microsoft:

I've been working with InfoPath for 5 years now and it is very powerful if you leverage the data first development methodology and have your data schema setup and complete from the beginning.

It may be easier to throw up a web part or an application page, but that has it's own set of issues to deal with. There is no perfect tool for this, but I do think that Microsoft could do much more to develop this product. It's shortcomings are black eyes on the product and I'm unclear if they'll ever be fixed. One issue that we've dealt with is that all of the data values are passed from Form Services to the web enabled form in a very large JavaScript array. This works great with small forms, but with more complex forms, it causes issues when loading data.

Hopefully, they will not be killing this product, but I'd love to see the days of better integration and communication with the community that uses this product. I have so much feedback on this and it seems to literally go no where.


On 4/14/2013 10:41:31 PM Natesan said ..
I understand Nintex forms are better alternatives. But, I cant believe MSFT will leave void in the form area. So is it forms and 3rd party forms pretty much?