Experience all that SharePoint 15 has to offer.

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You’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it, that pinkish bar on the top that says “Experience all that SharePoint 15 has to offer.”

This is a pretty well thought out thing Microsoft has added – you don’t have to and you shouldn’t do big bang upgrades. Even if everything goes fine, your phone will ring off the hook next morning just answering all the calls. This banner allows you to manage the upgrade from SP2010 to SP2013 – even though the hardware/software has been upgraded to 2010.

The good news is, it’s very configurable depending upon your needs.

There are three properties you need to know about.

  • SPWebApplication.UpgradeMaintenanceLink: Allows admins to add an additional link to the upgrading now status message so users can follow it and find out more information. It is provided to allow administrators to give further insight into timelines or give contact/escalation information Defaults to being empty, so no link appears
  • SPWebApplication.UpgradeReminderDelay: Sets the amount of days a upgrade notification in the status bar will go away after clicking remind me later. Defaults to 30 days when set to 0, the site status notification will show UpgradeRequired reminder instead of UpgradeAvailable reminder.
  • SPSite.AllowSelfServiceUpgrade: Set it to false to hide that pink ribbon at the top. You would use this if you (IT) wants to control the upgrade instead of the users.

So there you go! Manageable upgrades, controlled by the user, or by IT – totally your choice. Lovely!

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