Dec 19 - Srečanje SloSPUG I’ll be there

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Vljudno vabljeni na zaključno SloSPUG srečanje letošnjega leta, ki bo potekalo prihodnji četrtek. Poslušali bomo online predavanje izjemnega SharePoint strokovnjaka Sahila Malik z naslovom »Hard learned SharePoint development tips«.

Thursday, December 19 at 5:15pm in UTC+01 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

I’ll be there talking about “Hard learned SharePoint development Tips

SharePoint development is a pain. You need a big VM, lots of RAM, can’t use any of the new fun stuff they show you at TechED. The API can be cumbersome, documentation can be as trustworthy as your average Russian banker.
How is a SharePoint developer to be productive and write reliable code in such a hostile environment? This hard learned session is both funny and sad at the same time where Sahil describes some of his painfully learnt development lessons.

I hope to see you there, you can RSVP here.

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