Disable SkyDrive in Windows 8.1

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I love cloud storage. Don’t get me wrong.

I was one of the first to jump on Foldershare. This is what Microsoft acquired before they f’ed it up royally. You can see previous quotes from me,

  1. (Source) Foldershare: I cannot tell you, how much this one product has made a difference to my life. Moving between computers, repaving machines, travelling a lot and being offline-online, backups, all of these scenarios have been made 200% simpler with this one tool. Wishlist: I wish they would introduce a right click --> Share through foldershare shell extension.
  2. (Source) : Foldershare (www.foldershare.com) : Awesome utility which keeps your life in sync.

Anyway, so MS bought Foldershare, and renamed it to Live Mesh. I posted a rant about this (here). Basically I had predicted that large companies are offering you stuff for free, but the end result will be

a) Loss of privacy

b) Poorer products

c) Lack of competition.

While I am thrilled to see DropBox etc. still surviving, I am really really REALLY disappointed at how terrible SkyDrive is. I have had the following issues with my SkyDrive,

  • Created duplicate “SkyDrive” folders (yes two folders with the same name)
  • Created SkyDrive.Old – eating up disk space.
  • Mysteriously would turn all my files into online mode only – inconveniently right before a long flight when I needed the files the most.
  • Lots of synch conflicts that it was not able to resolve.
  • Spent countless hours in forums with the only reasonable solution being “empty out your skydrive and put all files in” – not the easiest thing to do with 15GB of data on a sometimes hotel bandwidth connection.
  • Privacy concerns too – no way to encrypt stuff in SkyDrive or keep it “for my eyes only” – I wrote my own encryption stuff, but .. really?

I had given up on SkyDrive in Win8, but gave it a chance again in Win8.1 – especially now that SkyDrive is baked into the UI, and everything so much .. they are literally forcing it down your throats. There is still one thing I found SkyDrive useful for though – transferring files. From one environment to another where copy paste didn’t work, or from my PC to Mac or vice versa, or from PC to iPad/iPhone. So when Microsoft says, “200GB of free skydrive storage with a surface” – what good is it if you can’t use it or rely on it? I can’t think of any files I am okay with loosing randomly.

So earlier this month, I finally decided to ditch SkyDrive for all “synch” and “storage” related stuff. Yeah they give me 25GB for free, but that hardly makes up for lost time, data, and money and time lost. But to my surprise, ALL MY SKYDRIVE FILES that I deleted earlier, mysteriously re-appeared in skydrive again?


Anyway, now I completely want to remove skydrive, out of sight, out of mind! Here is how you get rid of this pesky malware from your otherwise quite nice Windows 8.1 OS.

  • Run gpedit.msc
  • Go to Local computer policy\computer configuration\administrative templates\windows components\skydrive, and choose to “Prevent the usage of SkyDrive for file storage”.
    • Enable this setting.

Bingo! Out of sight, out of mind, just like US debt problems.

Bye SkyDrive, don’t let the door hit you on your ass on the way out, well actually hope it does. I think I’ll still use it through the web browser every now and then to transfer a file etc. But that’s about it .. can’t really find it reliable enough for much else.

Now I just hope they actually remove all my files and they don’t mysteriously keep reappearing.

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