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This is hardly a well organized blogpost. Well organized stuff is coming soon, but this morning as I was waiting for a progress bar, I started tweeting about what is new in SharePoint 2013. In case you missed, here are the tweets, and my twitter account is (@sahilmalik). If you’d rather have a conversation about the tweets, you can add me on facebook at – all my tweets are replicated there.

Here are the tweets from this morning, enjoy.

  • @sahilmalik: #SP2013 now contains a translation managed service - for automated language translations, hella useful in #WCM.
  • @sahilmalik: #SP2013‬ Sandbox solutions have no improvements/changes compared to ‪#SP2010‬, Apps are the new sandbox AFAI-am concerned.
  • @sahilmalik: Web Analytics in #SP2013 is a component of the Search service. There is no migration path from old WA to the new, old WA will show 0 hits.
  • @sahilmalik: PowerPoint based themes are history in #SP2013 - totally new theming engine.
  • @sahilmalik: #SP2013 SPWeb has a property called EnableMinimalDownload - MDM works with a download manager to download only deltas of HTML pages.
  • @sahilmalik: Performance Point dashboards now work on iPads in #SP2013 - but in reality it's a webpage you're looking at in iPad (so don't get too hyped)
  • @sahilmalik: Social features in #SP2013 now require MySites. But you can reply to activity feeds like twitter mentions :)
  • @sahilmalik: BCS in #SP2013 allows you to write an ECT for a specific app, and deploy it easily - and now it supports ODATA sources.
  • @sahilmalik: #SP2013 uses Shredded Storage in SQL Server, when you hit "Save" in office, only the delta goes all the way back to SQL - HUGE big deal!
  • @sahilmalik: #SP2013 #WCM has support for channels - so you can create a channel for iPhone, iPad etc. Mobile rendering YAY!
  • @sahilmalik: #SP2013 #WCM allows you to create design in dreamweaver and import into a masterpage (this is more marketing than real) :)
  • @sahilmalik: #SP2013 #WCM is heavily reliant on search and indexing - which means users have to wait for indexer before stuff shows up, the only downside
  • @sahilmalik: #SP2013 #WCM is now SEO friendly, lots of support for it.
  • @sahilmalik: #SP2013 #WCM now supports pretty/friendly URLs
  • @sahilmalik: #SP2013 dev tip - That new fancy workflow server won't work on a domain controller (at least I wasn't able to make it work)
  • @sahilmalik: Office Web Apps in #SP2013 - are no longer a managed service, they are a separate product - huge improvement.
  • @sahilmalik: Of course #SP2013, just like all #SPs is full'a'fine print :), just wait till you compare the CSOM between on-prem and #Office365 :)
  • @sahilmalik: Anyone advising you to go with Classic Auth today, pls. slap him and tell him it's from me!
  • @sahilmalik: #SP2013 comes with a new "Community site template" and deprecates those stupid workspace templates that I advised you to not use! :)
  • @sahilmalik: #SP2013 - A new Content By Search WebPart. And it is used to provide cross site collection navigation in WCM using Managed Metadata. YAY!
  • @sahilmalik: #SP2013 - No more fast search, enterprise search, SPF search, .. it's just SharePoint Search now. LOTS of other improvements in search!
  • @sahilmalik: #SP2013 Social DB is history - is now split in content DBs of Site collections == MUCH MUCH more scalable.
  • @sahilmalik: #SP2013 - New Managed Services - Task Aggregation - brings your Project Server and Exchange tasks in your MySite. No dev story though :(
  • @sahilmalik: Access Services - HUGE improvements there in #SP2013
  • @sahilmalik: Ye'olde #SP2010 .NET 3.5 WFs carry over to #SP2013 with no changes - and no improvements. Hope you didn't invest too much there :)
  • @sahilmalik: #SP2013 comes with a Workflow server that runs Workflows in .NET 4 out of process - MUCH MUCH more scalable, and better performing.
  • @sahilmalik: Workflow in #SP2010 and below, useless overbloated piece of junk, that will carry over as-is in #SP2013 we now have a new .NET4 WF Engine.
  • @sahilmalik: Speaking of Claims Auth - none of the cool stuff like Apps works without Claims in #SP2013 - Move to claims, EVEN IF you're using #SP2010.
  • @sahilmalik: And remember I've been bitching about getting onboard with Claims Auth? Well #SP2013 Claims is the defacto choice, and only choice in the UI
  • @sahilmalik: Though, when you compare #SP with other #WCM products out there, #SP is still not a clear winner, not to mention its can be expensive.
  • @sahilmalik: #SP #WCM is a train that left in the wrong direction in 2007 - Original Quote by Me :). Glad to say in #SP2013 that train has turned around.

and finally, the most important tweet of all,

  • @sahilmalik: #SP2013 will make u productive, make better decisions, ++ your looks, libido, but it needs to be implemented correctly. g'nite all!! :)

PS: I was trying to be ironic in my last tweet. There is just too much empty content out there full of such superlatives. Wonder how many caught my irony in the last tweet!

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On 7/18/2012 6:26:06 AM Sunjay Singh said ..
Access Services - HUGE improvements there in #SP2013 --- Hi Sahil a little more details on this please,looks like MS just kind of forgot to give any info on this. i have been searching and very little info is there. thanks sunjay

On 7/18/2012 8:47:28 AM Sahil Malik said ..

More details coming soon,