DevWeek - London March 4’13, A Day of SP2013 with me

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On Monday, March 4th, I will be conducting a day long SharePoint 2013 workshop at DevWeek in London.
This is a “Pre-Conference” workshop for DevWeek (

SharePoint 2013 workshop for developers
Join us for a full day of SharePoint 2013 goodness. SharePoint 2013 has some remarkable improvements as compared to SharePoint 2010.
This day covers what you need to know about SharePoint 2013 as a SharePoint 2010 or 2007 developer. It also covers what you need to know as an ASP.NET developer to get a quick on-ramp to SharePoint 2013.
Overall we’ll aim to provide a comprehensive overview of what’s new in SharePoint 2013 in various areas, including apps, client-side technologies, security, BCS, workflows, WCM and internet facing sites, mobile development, search, and Business Intelligence.

You can find the registration link here.

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