I will be at NNUG Kristiansand tonight

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Greetings! I will be speaking at NNUG Kristiansand tonight (sorry for the very short notice). So I was thinking what should I demo tonight?

Instead of using any slides or such material, what I thought would be a tonne of fun, would be to develop a service bus based application running in Azure. This will be a good opportunity to code and talk, and run into some snafus and show off some VS2012 improvements/annoyances.

At the end of an apprx. 1 hour talk, I hope to have an application ready that you can run yourself by the end of the evening. hehe :) .. now that’s cool isn’t it? :) .. Time permitting I will even tie SP2013 + ADFSv2 + Claims into it, just to be cool.

Hope to see you there!

Here is the registration link - http://www.nnug.no/Avdelinger/Kristiansand/Moter2/NNUG-Kristiansand---Oktober/

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