European SharePoint Conference - SP2013 workshop for developers with me

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I’m delighted to be a part of the European SharePoint Conference, Feb 4-7 2013, in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I will be conducting a full day workshop on SharePoint 2013 for Developers.

You can register for the conference here.

Here is the outline (willing to adjust it based on popular demand of course)

SharePoint 2013 Introduction
Client Side Technologies, and Security

  • Client Object Model
  • Auth
  • JavaScript in SharePoint

SharePoint Apps
  • SharePoint Apps architecture
  • Hosting, where does it run?
  • App user experience, discoverability and branding.
  • Scope of the app.
  • App Store
  • App Security and Auth

What is new in BCS
  • Introduction to BCS
  • Auth data sources
  • Remote event receivers
  • CSOM enhancements

What is new in workflows
  • SP2013 workflows
  • What is new in WCM and Internet facing sites in SharePoint 2013
  • MasterPages, Page Layouts and Pages
  • General publishing workflow and lifecycle of content
  • Branding of a SharePoint site
  • Cross site collection navigation
  • Topics Pages and Content by search webpart
  • Search Engine Optimization features in SharePoint 2013
  • Translations and multiple languages
  • Supporting Mobile platforms for SharePoint

Mobile development for SharePoint
  • What is it like to develop for Mobile?
  • Specific considerations for SharePoint based Mobile apps.
  • An introduction to HTML 5
  • Writing a HTML5 based SharePoint Mobile app
  • Writing a Windows Phone mobile app for SharePoint
  • Push notifications and Location based apps

Search in SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint search architecture (IT-Pro)
  • Executing queries in SharePoint search, UI, Server side Code, CSOM and REST.
  • Federated Search/Result Sources
  • Query Rules and Result Types
  • Search driven Navigation
  • FormatHandlers, Parsers and IFilters
  • Custom Dictionaries, Refiners and Custom Entity Extractors
  • Extensibility using web service call outs.

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