Professional SharePoint 2010 Cloud-Based Solutions

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I just finished reading this book, so I thought I’d share some perspective on it.

The book I am talking about is, Professional SharePoint 2010 Cloud-Based Solutions by Steve Fox, Girish Raja, Paul Stubbs and Donovan Follette.

One of the challenges with technology these days, is it's complexity. This applies to all of us, but especially for developers. In an era of mobile applications, ever shrinking budgets, and ever increasing efficiency, the push for cloud is the next revolution. Traditionally we have always thought of SharePoint as an on-premise solution, and Office365 breaks out of that mold, but isn't quite as effective until you add Azure to it. The world desperately seeks guidance on this topic. Guidance, which this book aptly presents.

Let me tell you why I specifically like this book,

1. It's timing, it is the right set of knowledge when we need it. Thanks to the authors for sharing their knowledge with us on this very very important topic.
2. It's coverage, it addresses every single topic concerning modern day cloud ready SharePoint applications. This includes O365 coverage, SharePoint on-premises coverage, and coverage around most aspects of Azure.
3. Practicality of the choice of their chapters and examples. I was honestly a bit wary of 3 Microsoft guys writing this book - because they tell the story from the inside, the personality of their books end up being the personality of a whitepaper. This book is not like that. They have choosen to not regurgitate MSDN, but instead show practical examples such as 'creating a training application using SharePoint online', or 'using twitter in SharePoint solutions', or 'Connecting linked in to SharePoint profile data'. Holy Moly - this is what my customers ask me to do all the time, this is the guidance I need .. NOT .. that "SPSite is a SharePoint site" sorta documentation that MSDN is full of (Sorry MSDN).
4. Not ignoring security, I love Chapter 11 for this. Though, I wish they had covered OAuth a bit as well, but they did cover Azure ACS, which has OAuth integration.
5. It's thickness, I *DISLIKE* overly thick books that are full of paper and no useful material. This book, is not thick! You can actually read it like a story book and enjoy reading it as you go through it.

I like this book, I really think you should get on top of cloud ready SharePoint apps (and other cloud ready things).

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On 1/7/2012 9:38:21 AM @SPJeff said ..
Good review! I'll have to check this book out. This is definitely an area where we all could learn more. Five years from now this will be standard knowledge so best to learn early.