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I thought this was eye opening, check out this comparison,


Spec Asus Transformer Prime (with dock) Asus UX 21
Size 263*180.8*8.3mm 1.12 times longer X 1.10 times wider, and 0.917 thinner
Weight 2.47lbs 2.43 lbs or 98% the weight
Resolution 1280X800 1366X768
OS Android Windows 7
Storage 64G 128G

Very very interesting.

Other points to consider,

  • The tablet is a tablet. You can put it on a treadmill while you run, you can get 15-16 hours of battery life with the dock, or read it like a book. The laptop can’t do all that.
  • The laptop on the other hand, is a no compromises full laptop. It runs windows 7, office, there is app-hunting – it is a full fledged computer.

But, I am amazed to realize how close a full fledged windows machine can be to a tablet in size and weight. Perhaps not battery life yet, but still decent battery life.

Now how about – give us a proper windows machine like the Asus UX21 with a touch screen with no keyboard.

I’d totally hit it.

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On 5/23/2012 12:25:21 AM Battlesmith said ..
Lol. so you want a windows tablet still? :D