Muligheter Opportunities Techdays 2011 - September 6 and 7

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Muligheter (Opportunities) 2011 is Microsoft Norway’s largest event for you as an IT Professional and Developer.

Microsoft has have merged two of their great seminars to give you the widest range of technical training on Microsoft technology.
Muligheter/Opportunities 2011 is Microsoft the largest event for you as an IT professional and developer.

You get two days packed with content divided into 6 tracks delivered by the foremost experts from both Microsoft and externally.

(and bloody hell, I hope I translated the first paragraph correctly from here.

The speaker line up is quite impressive, in the speaker list is John Craddock, Jeremy Geelan, Rafael Lukawiecki, and Me!


John Craddock - foredragsholder på Muligheter 2011 Jeremy Geelan - foredragsholder på Muligheter 2011 Sahil Malik - foredragsholder på Muligheter 2011 Rafal Lukawiecki - foredragsholder på Muligheter 2011


My talks will be on September 7th as follows,


14:40-15:40 "SharePoint Office365 and Azure – an Overview of what you can use today!"

Everyone is talking about the cloud. Everyone is moving to the cloud. Microsoft’s cloud offering is probably the most expansive of all. But how does it really compare with other offerings? What is the featureset of Google? Or Amazon? And in the jungle of Beta, what is currently proven and production ready in the Microsoft spectrum? Most of all, how do you move from your current setup to a cloud based setup? In this session, Sahil provides a manager and architect level overview demystifying all these topics and more.

16:00-17:00 "Integrating AppFabric with SharePoint 2010"

There are some practical limitations with plain vanilla SharePoint. You might have heard about them – in process sessions state, extremely large scale workflows being some of them. Those limitations are present for a very good reason. And AppFabric (Server and Azure) is a perfect pairing with SharePoint for such circumstances. In this session Sahil will demonstrate integrating AppFabric with SharePoint 2010 and the significant improvements it brings that you cannot afford to ignore.

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