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(This article is about a product I have been working on, for more information, please contact us.)

It is with great pleasure that I announce This is something that I have been working as a partner on with Din ERP AS of Norway. Now that the product is production ready (as in, already in production at some clients), I am thrilled to talk about it.

We have created a product that allows you to deliver custom compelling SharePoint functionality built around client side technologies, such as HTML4, JavaScript, HTML 5 and some Silverlight.
Using these technologies, we have built a framework that,

  • Lets you deliver very compelling functionality in SharePoint 2010, with basic HTML and JavaScript skills.
    • A business user friendly, no code required (not even HTML or JavaScript), development tool also available.
  • All functionality is delivered as Sandbox solutions
  • Lets you integrate with a number of back-end systems, such as Oracle, SQL Server, Web Services, IFS, and of course SharePoint.
    • The product is extremely extensible to support any backend, for instance SAP, Azure Service Bus etc.
  • Mobile and cloud ready today, supports OAUTH and claims based identities, in addition to classic Kerberos based Windows identities.
  • We have a platform that is cloud and mobile ready today.
  • We have a platform that is in production in more than one serious engagement today.
  • Our client requirements are SharePoint Foundation, and SQL Express, and a modern web browser with no client side installs (except Silverlight for a very specific case around document management, with an alternate no-Silverlight JavaScript only automatic downgrade experience)

Using this framework, we have built significant ERP functionality that talks with a live IFS system. Note this is not smoke and mirrors, it is live two way data interchange and update, with single sign on, into IFS. No Windows, SharePoint or IFS security rules are violated, no business rules are violated.
In creating this functionality, our theme has been

  • Ease of use
  • Personalized to the end user
  • No help needed, but help is available as multimedia presentations through the browser to greatly lower your end-user’s learning curve.

Using the framework, building on top of existing SharePoint functionality, we currently offer the following ERP functionality, ready for use today.
Note this is not out of the box SharePoint functionality

1. IFS Document Management for SharePoint

Our IFS offering now includes a complete document management solution in SharePoint utilizing the powerful functionality found in IFS Document Management, with the front end and integration capabilities of SharePoint.
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2. IFS Travel Expense for SharePoint

IFS Travel Expense offers amazing functionality that lets you connect your travel costs where they belong, be it a project or a work order. All this, in an easy to use UI on your SharePoint Intranet.
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3. IFS People Finder/Self Service for SharePoint

Organizations often struggle with keeping employee information accurate, and findable. Our product offers the opportunity to update HR related data directly in SharePoint.
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4. IFS Timesheet for SharePoint

Write your hours easily with this highly flexible and easy to use timesheet for IFS using SharePoint as your front end. Also includes authorization functionality.
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5. IFS Supplier Invoice for SharePoint

If you are new to the concept of electronic invoice processing you should now that the potential savings are huge. If you receive 20,000 invoices per year, you can save at least $100k.
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6. Business Intelligence for SharePoint

Business Intelligence have seen an explosive growth the last few years. At the same time these projects have grown considerably. We try to scale this down a bit. A predictable, efficient tool for presenting your KPI's to decision makers.
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7. Mobile and Cloud Ready

The Din ERP Integration Framework is future ready. With a rich SOA architecture that is internet ready we are able to serve any front end.
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I am extremely excited about the possibilities here. For more information, please contact us.

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Hi Sahil,

Congratulations on the new venture. I tried opening the Time Sheet white paper and was told that the file was corrupt and could not be opened.

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Harish, Thanks!

I tried the link as well,

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