SharePoint in the cloud Office365, Azure, and Multitenant environments

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I will be conducting a 2-3 hour overview, followed by a 1 day workshop on SharePoint in the cloud Office365, Azure, and Multitenant environments.

This is a topic very near and dear to my heart. It is also a topic that is future looking – your current way of writing software is dying!
If your skills are not ready for the cloud, I’ll just call you Neanderthal. Jokes aside, this is how applications will be done! Come along for the ride, or be a Neanderthal.

This course is aimed towards ASP.NET developers and architects that are interested in developing and hosting SharePoint solutions entirely in the cloud, or with the intention of moving to the cloud in the future. Even if there is no intention of moving into the cloud, understanding these concepts for Multitenant environments is extremely valuable.

Have you hugged your SharePoint IT administrator today? I haven’t either! He won’t let me deploy my farm solutions. And why should he? Farm solutions break his SharePoint environment. There is a very good reason the whole world is moving towards a cloud based environment. Sandbox solutions are the rage! Azure is a viable alternative for many things we do! And more and more organizations are moving towards a much more controlled, and reliable multitenant SharePoint environment to drive their cost down!

But, you already know this! You’ve seen the marketing slides, and you do see the value. But how do you as a developer get started with preparing your skills to be “cloud ready”, SharePoint or even otherwise!? This course would be a great start, and it will teach you technologies such as SharePoint 2010 in a multitenant private or public cloud, Developing for Office365, and leveraging Azure to provide compelling SharePoint solutions!

And, go ahead and hug your IT Administrator too! He has dealt with enough farm solutions already.

More information can be found here (site is in Norwegian, but the course delivery is in English).

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On 4/17/2011 8:25:58 PM Dennis said ..
The site you link to is not in English. Also, I didn't see anything relating to cost to attend (virtually). I'm interested in this, please provide some additional details at your leisure.

On 4/19/2011 12:22:01 AM Sahil Malik said ..
Dennis - also replying over email, but here is my reply -

Well this is the first time I am publicly offering the course, and Microsoft sponsored it to make it possible.

You can expect many further iterations of the course all around the world.

Where are you located, and how many individuals are interested? I would be happy to arrange something in your area if it is practical to do so.