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I’ve broken into double digits! 10 years as an MVP, I still can’t believe it’s real. I don’t know, it seems like a big award and big deal for a simple guy like me. I just work hard, and I love doing what I do, and I interact with fellow geeks in real time, because it’s fun! I am deeply honored and humbled that I have been awarded Microsoft’s MVP award once more. This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others.

THANK YOU Microsoft, and Thank you MVPGA, Thank you my MVP Lead, Melissa – you are awesome! And most of all, thank you everyone that is reading this for supporting me and accepting me as one of you.

Now, back to SharePoint, I have some exciting Office365 related news coming in the coming month. Stay tuned!! :) (and that’s all I’m sayin’ for now!) HAHA!!

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On 4/1/2011 3:32:01 PM Sandeep said ..
Congratulations Sahil again ... you are SharePoint's Sachin ten(10)dulkar now :)

On 4/1/2011 4:47:14 PM theFox said ..
As Mark Twain said:

"Not all horses were born equal. A few were born to win."


On 4/1/2011 6:47:29 PM Sahil Malik said ..
Pretty sure someone just called me a horse.

On 4/4/2011 11:21:25 AM Owen Allen said ..
Congratulations, Sahil! Are you halfway in, now? Ten more years to go of wielding your influence for (mostly) good? :-).

I'm looking forward to your O365 comments... Lots of good stuff coming around soon!

On 4/5/2011 2:02:56 AM Sahil Malik said ..
Thanks Owen - I am loving O365, it's exactly what SP needs.