SharePoint 2010 workshop for developers with me - 1 Day Event in London

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This is an end to end day long workshop aimed towards wannabe SharePoint developers.

I did a similar event last year, and it was very well received. Anyone who attended the event last year, please feel free to leave/tweet your honest feelings about this event :).

I will be conducting this workshop at Devweek in London with the following outline,

SharePoint 2010 workshop for developers
Sahil Malik
In this day-long workshop, Sahil walks you through numerous real world challenges and solutions you will encounter in working with SharePoint 2010. Throughout, Sahil will talk about real world approaches by demonstration of better and more maintainable code structure, and solution architecture in various SharePoint projects. Following is an outline of what will be covered:
• Writing Code for SharePoint
• Writing Pages and Webparts
• Client side technologies
• Content Organisation and Data Management in SharePoint
• Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint
• Business Connectivity Services
• Workflows
• Business Intelligence
• SharePoint Security

Further details,

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