Free SharePoint event in London - February 24th

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DeveloperFocus is organizing a fun, 4 hour event on SharePoint 2010 where I will talk about a very specific part of SharePoint which is client side development using Silverlight and JavaScript.

Developing for SharePoint can be strange! Yes if you are a fellow SharePoint developer, you know exactly what I mean. And then there is office 365, and clients with insane expectations who think it's all as easy as an phone app. Argh!

In this session, Sahil takes a fast paced dive into the JavaScript and Silverlight development story of SharePoint, promises to burn your nerves with insane excitement around some really compelling and easy to develop applications that you wish there was practical guidance for.

It's all possible, you just never knew how easy it was until someone showed you all their hands–on tricks! In his trainings and this class you will see exactly how you can leverage wicked development skills to impress your friends and bosses.

And then afterwards of course we drink! That's what you need to cool those frazzled nerves!

More details and registration link can be found here.

If you are interested in a more comprehensive full day event in London, you should check out this offering on March 30th. Or if you want a full in-depth dive into SharePoint, sleeves rolled up, 5 days of SharePoint goodness with plenty of hands-on, you can register in London for 16nth of April.

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