Dev. SharePoint Applications using Windows Azure - 3 Day event in Zurich, Switzerland

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I will be conducting a 3 day session in Zurich Switzerland on developing SharePoint applications using Windows Azure.

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The cloud is increasingly being leveraged as a place to host software. The future of productivity includes the cloud. Productivity in the cloud means building applications using information worker technologies such as SharePoint and integrating the more pervasively available cloud-based services, data and applications into the information worker experience. From integrating Windows Azure to consuming SQL Azure data, you will transform and enrich the information worker experience to include real-time, cloud-based data, services and applications.

Therefore we are happy to invite you to the “Developing Microsoft SharePoint Applications Using Windows Azure” Training. This training is a 3-day free of charge hands-on course to help you ramp up on different ways to integrate SharePoint 2010 and Windows Azure. From simple SQL Azure data-centric applications to complex workflows that leverage custom Azure services, there is great potential to integrate these two growing technologies. The training delivers different modules that include hands-on experience and source code that shows how the SharePoint 2010 platform and Windows Azure platform can work together.

The training takes place as follows:

  • Duration: 3-days
  • Date: Tuesday, January 31 to Thursday, February 2, 2012
  • Time: 09:00 - 17:00 each day
    • Location:
      Fast Lane Institute for Knowledge Transfer (Switzerland) AG
      Glatt Com (1. Etage/Parkebene P12)
      8301 Glattzentrum (Wallisellen/Zürich)
  • Cost: Free of charge

Pre-requisites: Experience in C# and.NET 3.5 is required. Experience with basic SharePoint development is a plus.

To register for the course follow this Link.

You can find more details about the training in the attachment: Download PDF

As this course is hands-on the number of participants is very limited. It is my understanding that we may not have a tonne of seats left – so if you’re interested, register immediately!

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