2 Day Training on Windows Azure

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Will Azure make you loose your job? Well if you don’t jump onboard and get on with the times, yes it will. (My words, not Microsoft’s).
I will be delivering a 2 day training on Windows Azure. Complete with hands-on labs, lots of good learning.

When – November 17nth, 2011
Where – Oslo, Norway
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Details -

This course is aimed towards the .NET developer who wishes to further their knowledge about Microsoft’s cloud offering – Azure. There are many parts to Azure, Windows Azure (Compute, Storage, Virtual Machine), SQL Azure, AppFabric and DataMarket. This course methodically looks at each piece and shows you practical usage of what you can use today.

An Introduction

  • Define Cloud Computing
  • An overview of Azure, and comparison with other cloud platforms.
  • Signing up for an Azure account, navigating between important parts.

Windows Azure Compute

  • Developing for Windows Azure using Visual Studio 2010
  • Writing and Deploying a simple Windows Azure Web Role application
  • Enhancing the application to leverage tables, blobs and queue storage
  • Enhancing the application to leverage Worker and WCF roles

SQL Azure

  • An introduction to SQL Azure
  • Setting up and managing SQL Azure databases
  • Writing applications using ADO.NET and Entity Framework that target a SQL Azure database.
  • Using Microsoft Lightswitch to write Azure ready applications.


  • What is the DataMarket
  • A walkthrough of a sample AppMarket offering
  • Using the data offering of DataMarket.
                   – Using datamarket in a sample .NET application
                   – Using datamarket in Excel


  • Windows Server AppFabric and Azure AppFabric
  • AppFabric Servicebus and the relay bindings
  • Service Bus security
  • AppFabric Access Control Services
  • AppFabric Caching services
  • AppFabric Integration (only slides, product is in CTP)
  • AppFabric as a hosting environment for WF and WCF

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