New Article: SharePoint 2010 for Developers – Whats new?

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This is an nice overview/beginners article about what is new in SharePoint 2010 from purely a developer point of view.

Excerpt -

“In some ways SharePoint 2007 was a brand new incarnation of the SharePoint product. For the very first time, ASP.NET 2.0 was applied properly to the product. Things such as master pages, membership providers, sitemap providers etc. were used heavily in SharePoint. As a result, SharePoint 2007 got a whole new developer story to it. But in some ways it was a first version of a big product, so the development story left us wanting for more. Wanting for more because in some ways the API wasn’t ideal, and most certainly the development tools were somewhere between non-existent to bad. Diagnosing SharePoint errors was another frustrating story many have endured. What has changed in SharePoint 2010? Let’s find out.”


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