I am speaking at SPS Baltimore this Saturday (08/28)

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Arguably one of the best SharePoint Saturdays, in a few more days. I will be speaking there as well along with many other accomplished speakers.

My topic -

Authoring and using custom WCF services in SharePoint

We live in a different world today! Gone are the times when you built your webparts around postbacks! Welcome silverlight, jquery, bing maps, google maps, and many others! And there are many enhancements in SharePoint 2010 that let you build such applications, the question is which is right for you? In this session Sahil compares WCF REST Services in SharePoint, The client object model, and custom WCF services, and then dives deep into the WCF aspects of SharePoint. All code, very few slides!

I haven’t been able to speak much within the US this year, schedules have been too hunky dory. So I hope to see all my local friends here at this event.

Please click here for more details about the event.

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